Analytics & Reporting

Unlock the mysteries of your metrics.

Do you know how customers are using your website? Do you know when and where they are abandoning your sales funnel in favor of your competitors?

If your online sales feels like an unknowable mess, it’s time to review your data.

We are number-crunching, funnel-building geeks and we love to look at the data. We use analytic data to turn your user traffic patterns into a compelling narrative of what works and what needs help.

We use ongoing monitoring and reporting to translate data about views, clicks, and bounces into reliable insights that reveal points of the user journey, sales preferences, and highlights missed opportunities for success. When we understand your data insights, we can suggest new ways to improve your website, sales funnel, lead form, and campaigns – all backed up by your unique data. That means you can justify every change with real numbers that show actual ROI.

Every click, every visit, and every bounce
tells a story.

We’re number-crunching, spreadsheet-savvy sidekicks that speak in numbers, not binary. We can turn raw data into actionable insights with readable reports. Here’s how:

1. Set Up & Integration

First, we’ll review your current analytics and make sure it is set up correctly. We’ll make sure you’re running the latest GA (Currently that’s GA-4). We’ll probably recommend setting up Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console – if you don’t have them already – to help make new goals & events faster to set up, and to gain greater insights going forward.

01. Google Analytics Setup

Set up the latest version of GA or create custom event metrics that make reporting internally a breeze. We can also integrate Google Tag Manager so your team can review more data and touch less code.

03. Conversion Funnel Review

We’ll analyzing the entire conversion funnel from initial visit to final conversion to identify bottlenecks, customer experience issues, and opportunities for improvement.

02. User Journey Analysis

We’ll create a customer journey map that outlines the typical user journey on the website. We will use the map to analyzing performance metrics at each stage of the journey and optimize the overall user experience.

04. Custom Reports

Whether you need a simple one-site analysis on basic metrics or a complex aggregated report across data sources, we’ll hook you up with reports that stay up to date and in sync.

Curious about pricing?

Transparency is our mantra – especially when it comes to numbers. Check out our services and rates. No BS budgets or tech-heavy jargon – just real examples and clear deliverables.

Why do I need data about my website?

By keeping tabs on your website's data, you’ll know what makes it tick, what your visitors love, and where there’s room for your website to improve. Data helps us make informed decisions in improving your customer experience and selling more products and services.