July 8, 2024

Tools We Love 😍

We’ve been running marketing campaigns for over a decade, and although we know there’s always going to be a new tool or trend, there are some of the best marketing tools that we return to again and again.

Here is our current list of faves, software and tools that we can’t live without and are probably using on every project.

Fast and FREE UTM parameter builder

This Builder is the perfect tool for creating custom UTM parameters for marketing campaigns. Since it also works with GA4, you can use it for any new campaign right away.

The best all-in-one Contract and Invoicing tool

We’ve been using Bonsai for half a decade — its got all the things that make managing projects and clients easier!

  • Draft Proposals for new leads
  • Sign and track contracts for new clients
  • Create and automate inovices for single-use and subscription services
  • Track time and expenses per project or client
  • Manage taxes and finances for your business in one quick stop!

The most versatile WordPress block builder EVER

We know some people SWEAR by the old standards like Divi and Elementor, but who wants to deal with clunky, bloated code?

That’s why we love the Kadence WP suite of tools. Its our recommendation every time, hands down 🙌. The basic block tool fits right in with Gutenberg, or you can add it to any existing theme, even one of the old dogs. But don’t stop there — check out their pro blocks and other features that allow everything from easy pattern libraries to big-time white-label tools. Kadence is one of our besties and if you don’t believe us, just check out our side-project Klaxon Themes, a suite of pre-made, pre-styled developer approved blocks ready to drop right into your site.

Easiest automation software

Creating automations is one of the ways we stay SANE right now. Our head honcho is ADHD positive and like her, we can’t STAND doing boring, repetitive tasks. That’s why we choose Make Automation to create repeatable action & time-based tasks easier. Whether we’re sending out a thank you email, creating our own tasks from client tickets, or just adding users to a list for drip-campaigns we choose Make every time.